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Proof-of-Loyalty (PoL) - First blockchain to record & reward all economic activities

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Katalyst as fee

It is still troublesome for new users to get a blockchain wallet and benefiting from owning cryptoinventory and businesses do not know how to leverage on blockchain to expand their business

For users : Install a crypto wallet and fill it with cryptoinventory in minutes and not days

For users : Profit from selling your cryptoinventory (often misnamed as cryptocurrency by the media & public) in the Barty Distribute Exchange right in the Wallet

For businesses : Receiving millions in capital via issuing vouchers for your services / products. Utility tokens that reward your customers

For businesses : Realize your growth to different markets by receiving prepayments for your products and services. Public listing in stock exchange possible via our capital partners

For businesses : Innovative proof of loyalty (other than hashing) that rewards the miners for doing work that enrich the blockchain platform. For example, reading and getting updates from the platform.

For businesses & users : Wider and deeper penetration of Proof of loyalty as it can be "mined" on handphone devices. Read our technical white paper for more information.

Katalyst is already available in the Waves blockchain. The token name is Katalyst and its assetID is DSakmDaduNHXgAXKP4LM7358yZYduWg9VGALA9auDck8.

Open Source & Technical White Paper

For Businesses : Totally New & Innovative Proof of Loyalty to Reward Customers for Expanding Your Platform

This white paper details on the procedure on how to make use of existing blockchain platform to innovate a safe and secure implementation of a proof-of-loyalty offchain blockchain explorer. Proof-of-loyalty (PoL) allows any new blockchain platform to define the economic activity other than just purely computing hashes. Katalyst going to allow a platform to define an economic measure useful to the platform. Allowing businesses to define economic measure like "generation of revenue" etc to realistically factor the benefits

Giving proof of work / proof of stake mining & proof of loyalty to any token defined. Please proceed to go to our Github to look at the work in progress.

For Users : Allows you to exchange for something useful with the cryptoinventory that you have.

Barty Distributed Exchange allows you to exchange your tokens for some other tokens. Barty is by default compliant to most democratically elected jurisdictions. Barty would function as a great common platform from which users are able to exchange other tokens that may be useful for them at a given time.

For Users : Voting for the business or decisions to incubate to benefit from the services

Katalyst is acting as a platform to curate and select projects to accelerate the growth via designing & implementing its business model to leverage on blockchain methodology. Part of the process requires “voting” by our coin owners, which requires a white paper to detail the design and pedagogical basis from which “decentralized voting” can work.

For Businesses : Allowing your tokens to be tradable on multiple blockchains like Ethereum / Waves / NEM / Bitshares Blockchain.

As there are more blockchain application platforms created to allow the general users to create their own tokens, there is an immediate problem - the token in their respective platform would not be cross referenceable with one another. An Ethereum token would not be accessible on a Waves blockchain. This white paper resolves this problem. By having gateway to other blockchains, the token would be more liquid and valued more by the market.

About the project

Barty Distributed Barter Exchange

Barter trade your excess tokens with other tokens to maximize your consumer experience or to reap profits. Distributed exchange is not subjected to the security problems of centralized exchanges.

Software Interfaces to Centralized Exchanges

Software modules connecting centralized & decentralized exchanges to Barty Distributed Barter Exchange. Combining more users and making the barter exchange more healthy & liquid for Barty users & other exchanges' users.

Curation by Blockchain Community

Curation is for the purpose of verifying the tokens against criteria of value. Creating a safer environment for users to be part of. First targeted community for curation is the Waves Community Token (WCT) holders.

Incubation of Selected Token Projects

Katalyst coin owners getting a share in the incubated project's tokens. High growth potential and growth realization in months instead of years. Criteria in the white paper.

Community Functions in Wallets

Barty wallet system to contain community functions that allow users to benefit from airdropped tokens when they assist another user to install the Barty wallet system. This would allow Barty to reach the unbanked in Southeast Asia & the world.



Blockchain platform to give the freedom back to artistic creators. Led by musician, Ms Iris Koh.


Project is led by dating industry veterans Violet Lim and Jamie Lee. Viola is a A.I. Driven Marketplace for Dating and Relationships.


Project to be led by industrial veteran Steve Oedekerk. Blockchain platform to create an ecosystem for movie productions & distribution. Allows movie production to be democratised and not merely dictated by Hollywood or major production houses.

Management and Advisors

Coin Structure

Total Katalyst Coin : 3,000,000,000 Katalyst

Development - 35% of the tokens would be sold or spent on developing the Proof of Loyalty

Team - 15% of the tokens would be given to the management team, the advisors & the Board of Directors

Proof of Loyalty - 40% of the tokens would be used in proof of loyalty. Rewards to be given out in years to encourage certain economics behaviour to expand the value of the blockchain platform

Bounty - 10% of the tokens would be used in bounty rewards during Token Generation Event.


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