International Blockchain Competition 2018

Blockchain And The Economy

World’s first multidisciplinary blockchain essay and social media competition organized for tertiary students and blockchain enthusiasts.

Countdown to last day of submission

About the competition

At the heart of blockchain is the aim of making transactions and records transparent and immutable. With that it is transforming the way that we are transacting and interacting with each other.

Katalyst aims to implement the blockchain technology to reduce transactional friction for businesses and communities. We aim to achieve that through Proof of Loyalty, which is a mechanism to record and reward all economic activities. Blockchain And The Economy competition is for you to interpret our Proof of Loyalty. Submit your entries on how you think the proof of loyalty can empower businesses and community organisations.

Join us in creating a frictionless world.

This competition has a prize winning of up to USD 13,000.

The Essay Category

Choose ONE Topic
Topic A: “Blockchain and Economic Freedom”

Write a white paper not exceeding 20 pages (including appendix) about blockchain and economic freedom We encourage participants to be creative with their interpretation of blockchain and economic freedom.

Topic B: “Use Cases of Katalyst Blockchain”

The Katalyst brand DNA is about reducing transactional friction to increase trade. The Proof of Loyalty (PoL) Concept records and rewards all economic activities. Write a white paper not exceeding 20 pages (including appendix) about how PoL benefits the economy. We encourage participants to be creative with their interpretation of the use cases of Katalyst and the Proof of Loyalty concept.

The Social Media Category

Submit a creative work that contributes to the community building portion of the ICO.

This can be in any form--artwork, graphics, stickers, a youtube video, a song, a fun online engagement tool/ app/ programme.

Upload your entry on facebook and get your friends to like, share and comment. Be sure to hashtag #katalystcoin! After uploading your entry on Facebook, email with the URL.

Why join the competition?

The aim of this competition is to offer students a creative space to imagine the infinite possibilities and applications of blockchain in the business and economic world.

We invite all students currently enrolled in or are alumni of a tertiary education institution. This competition will provide you with an opportunty to research, grow and create a network of future business contacts in the blockchain industry.

Every participant will also get a honorarium of 500 KatalystCoins upon successful submission of entry.

Competition guidelines

  1. Participants can take part in this competition as an individual or as a team of up to 3 members.
  2. Read the rules of International Blockchain Competition before registering for the competition.
  3. Each participant may submit ONE entry in The Essay Category and/or The Social Media Category. For either categories, participants can choose to send in an entry as an individual or as a team of up to three people.
  4. Join our Katalyst Facebook group! The group is a place to meet other students and the representatives of the case companies. Say hello, take part in conversations, share a link to a cool article; be part of our community.
  5. Sumbit your entry by May 14th, 2018 at 23:59, UTC+8. You will receive an email of successful submission.
  6. Winners will be announced on June 5th, 2018.